Words can’t describe the great success of our social and charitable activities, we added pictures and videos for a better expressiveness.
The real feeling of helping others can be experienced only through direct involvement, therefore everyone is welcome to join our volunteer team.
Let’s help together!
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22-02-17 10:52
​We visited the inhabitants of Szent Klára Nursing Home with the occasion of the World Day of the Sick, a Roman Catholic feast day instituted by John Paul II, celebrated on February 11. [......] →
12-01-17 11:44
Ricsi Fazakas is a 6 year old boy, who suffered hypoxia at birth, due to which he suffered oxygen deprivation induced brain damage. He has minimal eye-contact and is entirely paralysed, requiring constant and continuous care. [......] →
07-12-16 8:32
With the occasion of the winter holidays, our companies and our foundation visited several places, just as we do every year. [......] →
25-11-16 8:31
We helped the children of the Saint Catherine Home in weaving 70 Advent wreaths, by covering the costs of all supplies necessary for this activity. [......] →
31-10-16 8:29
The Pro Sanitate Foundation organized a remarkable charity event, where 150 people were present. [......] →
26-10-16 8:30
Ákos Török is a young pianist who is learning abroad in Budapest at Leó Weiner Music School. [......] →
05-10-16 8:27
The Wegener family always pays close attention to the help of our local community. Through their generous donations, they better the lives of the inhabitants of our town and those of the surrounding small villages as well. [......] →
30-09-16 8:25
We have been supporting Attila Oláh ever since we first heard about his aspirations to go to the Paralympics. [......] →
27-09-16 9:41
On the upcoming International Elders’ Day, we decided to visit the nursing homes in Lemnia and Sânzieni together with the pre-schoolers from Benedek Elek kindergarten. [......] →
15-09-16 9:12
With the arrival of fall, pupils must soon return to school. In accordance with our traditions, we supplied the students with the necessary starter kit for their new school year. We went and distributed these gifts in Ruseni, Imper and the Szeretet School. [......] →
30-07-16 10:00
The Pro Pectus Association, the Odorheiu Secuiesc branch of the Caritas Support Service for the Disabled originally from Alba Iulia, and the Pro Sanitate Foundation from Târgu-Secuiesc together with entrepreneur Ferenc Hegedűs, invited the families with disabled children from the city to the entrepreneur’s Wine Court in Târgu-Secuiesc. [......] →
08-07-16 8:23
To continue our tradition of organizing activities for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, we held a three-day summer camp at Valea Crișului for the children of the Saint Catherine Home and the Szeretet School. [......] →
04-12-15 9:31
According to our traditions, Saint Nicholas’ Day (December 5th) and Christmas Day are two separate events. In Hungarian tradition, Santa Claus brings presents to children on December 5th, while on December 24th, “The Angel” as we call it, brings Christmas presents. [......] →
30-10-15 9:34
Halloween is a holiday originating from an ancient Celtic tradition, held on the night of October 31st. It is generally celebrated by Anglo-Saxon nations, but nowadays it has become a popular holiday across the world. [......] →
03-10-15 9:36
We took the children from Saint Catherine’s Home in Imper and the kids from the Szeretet School of Petőfi Sándor Gymnasium to the Dino Park in Râșnov, with the occasion of World Animal Day. [......] →
24-07-15 9:38
We held a three-day summer camp for the children from Saint Catherine’s Home in Imper and the kids from the Szeretet School of Petőfi Sándor Gymnasium in 2015. [......] →
20-04-15 9:39
In order to keep our traditions alive, we took the kids from the Szeretet School to Cernat to the Haszmann Pál Museum for an Easter themed event. [......] →
30-04-13 8:13
Mrs. Michaela Wegener, our Honorary Citizen’s daughter, brings joy into the lives of sick little children at the Municipal Hospital of Târgu-Secuiesc. [......] →