Summer camps in Cătrușa
07/24/15 9:38     A+ | a-
We held a three-day summer camp for the children from Saint Catherine’s Home in Imper and the kids from the Szeretet School of Petőfi Sándor Gymnasium in 2015. Just like in previous years, the camp was held in Cătrușa, at Gábor Áron High School’s camp. The three-day event couldn’t have happened without the help of our foundations and organizations, whom we had invited to join us, nor without the help of our companies’ volunteer team. The camp started on a Friday. Everybody took their place in the small houses and settled down, so we could begin the programs we have prepared. We officially opened the camp with the activity prepared by the KreaKids Studio, which was a sort of drive-in movie theatre, where kids had to build their own cars. Once the cars were ready, they could get in them and watched the cartoon Finding Nemo. The activity proved to be a great success, the cars were still around the next day. On Saturday, we started out with handcraft activities, the kids could choose between sculpting with Plasticine clay, making jewellery out of beads, painting or parget sculpting. In the afternoon, the group Csodavár entertained the kids with lots of energetic activities, which was followed by the games prepared by the Pro Pectus Foundation. On Sunday, the pleasant atmosphere was guaranteed by the Székely Dog Club, when kids could play with the dogs and walk them, after which they enjoyed a savoury lunch. Aside from all of this, we were later joined by the Women’s Association, who baked us delicious traditional Hungarian spit cakes, after which we still had time for some Zumba. The kids and adults alike had a wonderful time full of glee and smiles.