Christmas donations
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According to our traditions, Saint Nicholas’ Day (December 5th) and Christmas Day are two separate events. In Hungarian tradition, Santa Claus brings presents to children on December 5th, while on December 24th, “The Angel” as we call it, brings Christmas presents.
In December, our company’s volunteers were very active: they visited Father Böjte’s Home in Imper, the children from the Szeretet School and the Romani children from Ruseni as well, with the occasion of both holidays.
For Saint Nicholas’ Day, the Antanenusz Association was waiting for the children from the Szeretet School and the children from Imper with a fun workshop. The kids quickly got into the holiday spirit and started dancing traditional folkloric dances. Our companies distributed packages of sweets to the kids, who started nibbling right away. For Christmas, they got special, customized gifts.
Our Christmas tour did not end just yet. We visited the kindergarteners and elementary school students and gave them presents for Saint Nicholas’ Day. The children at the local hospital’s Pediatrics Department were not forgotten either, each one got Christmas presents and cartoons, to help them pass the time in the playroom while they recover. The Newborns’ Department was offered a missing piece of medical equipment.
We surprised the elderly as well. We visited the nursing homes in Sânzieni together with the children from the Szeretet School. The kids prepared a performance for the elders at the nursing home, and our companies gave away customized gifts for them. For the nursing home in Lemnia we prepared packages of groceries and detergents.