International Elders’ Day at the local nursing homes
09/27/16 9:41     A+ | a-
On the upcoming International Elders’ Day, we decided to visit the nursing homes in Lemnia and Sânzieni together with the pre-schoolers from Benedek Elek kindergarten. The cheerful performance of the children literally got the elders on their feet, and they started dancing together. Credit for this performance is due to kindergarten teacher Klára Tubák.
Our foundation donated small gifts to the inhabitants of the nursing homes, along with some basic, everyday supplies. We wish all the best for the elders with the following quote from Péter Müller:
“In civilized ancient cultures, elders were not only respected because they deserved so with their long and tiresome lives, nor because of the awakened foresight that we too, one day will become old and will wish not to be thrown out as utter rubbish, but for the fact that in those times, the soul was gentler and the mind more open, so the elder, with his great life-experience meant such value, that it was looked upon by the young with awe and admiration. Back then, the elder was not a burden, but someone invaluable: they were not looking at the transitory nature of his body, but whom was living inside of it.”