Back to school
09/15/16 9:12     A+ | a-
With the arrival of fall, pupils must soon return to school. In accordance with our traditions, we supplied the students with the necessary starter kit for their new school year. We went and distributed these gifts in Ruseni, Imper and the Szeretet School.
First, we went to the Saint Catherine Home of Imper, where two children start first grade this year, filled with curiosity and ready to embark on the adventure of learning. The older students were excited to see their classmates and teachers after a long summer, to share stories of how they spent their vacations. Every new beginning brings new trials where one must stand their ground. We wish the pupils persistence and patience, and many joyful moments.
Upon our arrival to the Szeretet School and the school in Ruseni, teaching had already started, the learning process had already begun. Therefore, we had a glimpse of what a day in the life of the little ones looks like. We took part in a reading class and listened to a few songs and poems that were prepared for us by the students. They hurried to try on their new backpacks and filled them with books to see if they could bare their weight.
“The purpose of school is to teach us how to learn, to teach us to embrace the passion of learning, to teach us the joys of a job well done and the excitement of creativity, to teach us how to love what we do and help us find what we love to do.”