Supporting Paralympic competitor Attila Oláh
09/30/16 8:25     A+ | a-
We have been supporting Attila Oláh ever since we first heard about his aspirations to go to the Paralympics. Earlier, we donated him a special bicycle, since he misses one of his legs below the knee, as well as a sum of money. As one of the main supporters of Attila, we organized a host evening to welcome him upon his return from Rio de Janeiro. This event took place in the Jazz Bistro of Târgu-Secuiesc, where we had dinner together and invited the local band Crazy Plumbers to entertain us. Attila is the first competitor from our town to have taken part in the Paralympics, a fact that we are very proud of. We invited all his supporters and we spent a pleasant time together, while Attila told us about the championship. We surprised him with a painting from local artist Jenő Kosztándi.