Preparing for Easter
04/20/15 9:39     A+ | a-
In order to keep our traditions alive, we took the kids from the Szeretet School to Cernat to the Haszmann Pál Museum for an Easter themed event. Upon our arrival, our hosts at the museum were most welcoming, the kids enjoyed the activities prepared for them. They got a small description about traditional egg-painting samples, they learnt the meaning of each colour, shape and form. One of the fun things they could learn, was which egg to give the boy or girl they liked, so the other person would get their message.
After this, we were taught different techniques to easily decorate the eggs. Everybody got their eggs and samples, and started painting them right away. The kids worked on their Easter eggs for long, silent hours, at the end of which beautiful works of art emerged. Ever since, the children ask us to decorate the eggs the traditional way.
Not long after our visit to Cernat, we tried out new egg-painting techniques with the kids from Saint Catherine’s Home in Imper, with the help of the KreaKids Studio. Some kids decorated the eggs with colourful markers and some with water-colour, among other techniques shown by the founders of the Studio. In 2015 we painted Easter eggs using both traditional and newer techniques.