Supporting the local community for more than 20 yrs


Why is it good to be a volunteer?

In my view being a volunteer is a good thing because the appreciation of my work is reflected in the eyes and words of the children or other people I help.
As volunteers we always offer the best we can, we have the opportunity to work in a team and to interact with other people. Beside spending our spare time in a useful way we can develop our skills and acquire new knowledge as well. We have the possibility to escape everyday routine and to feel useful and worthy.
By performing tasks with visible results we can help children in need.

“It is good to do good”- this is how I see the meaning of being a volunteer.
It is such a great feeling to see a child, a sick or an old person whose face radiates from love and happiness when you care about them. To share with them what you like to do, to teach them and to see love and gratitude which is reflected in their eyes – it is difficult to describe this in words, you have to feel it.

At the same time it is a way to escape daily routine.
Through cooperation we can achieve a lot together.
To me it means first of all recreation and spiritual fulfilment. I adore children and I like to help where I feel that my help is needed. First of all, I like to help, especially children. It is a really rewarding experience to see their smile when we offer help. It feels good to help others and I like our community of volunteers.