Words can’t describe the great success of our social and charitable activities, we added pictures and videos for more expressiveness.
The real feeling of helping others can be experienced only through direct involvement, therefore everyone is welcome to join our volunteer team.
Let’s help together!

27-01-17 11:31
The Pro Sanitate Foundation along with the companies Zarah Moden and New Fashion will visit the usual places around Christmastime [......] →
27-01-17 11:30
Our Halloween Charity Party was a tremendous success, so we have decided to organize it this year as well [......] →
27-01-17 11:28
We are planning to design a calendar with disabled children and their dogs, who have successfully gone through social inclusion. [......] →
27-01-17 11:27
Our foundation is going to organize a summer camp for the children of the Saint Catherine Home of Imper and the children from the Szeretet School. [......] →
27-01-17 11:26
Since we have always considered embracing education of utmost value, we will award students who graduate 8th grade with remarkable results. [......] →
27-01-17 11:08
​In March, we will visit the children of Saint Catherine’s Home in Imper to celebrate the kids’ birthdays. [......] →
27-01-17 11:05
Just as in previous years, our foundation plans to visit the local nursing homes with the occasion of the World Day of the Sick in February. [......] →
25-01-17 11:10
More and more companies and civilians in our area are paying attention to taking on a responsible role in the betterment of our society. Considering this fact, we would like to help civilian initiatives to be able to get the resources necessary to achieving their goals. [......] →
20-01-17 11:04
Due to its tremendous success, the Silver Academy Educational Programme for people above 50 can now be accessed in Târgu Secuiesc. Those interested can sign up for the free lectures until 16 February, 2017.
The necessary forms can be found at Vigadó House of Culture, the headquarters of the Green Sun Association or the Local Council of Târgu Secuiesc.
[......] →