Words can’t describe the great success of our social and charitable activities, we added pictures and videos for a better expressiveness.
The real feeling of helping others can be experienced only through direct involvement, therefore everyone is welcome to join our volunteer team.
Let’s help together!
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18-06-16 10:02
The first bicycle and its owner arrived on Saturday morning to the backyard of Gosp-Com. [......] →
16-06-16 8:22
The students graduating 8th grade with the best results from the four educational institutions from our city got awarded packages containing three books by our foundation, in partnership with media organization Observatorul de Covasna. [......] →
15-06-16 9:23
The team of volunteers from the companies Zarah Moden and New Fashion visited the inhabitants of the Saint Catherine Home in Imper on June 15th. On this occasion, we were joined by Mr. Wilhelm Wegener, Honorary Citizen of Târgu-Secuiesc, the founder of both companies. [......] →
01-06-16 9:27
On Children’s Day, we spent joyful moments together with the children from the Romani School of Ruseni and the Szeretet School of Petőfi Sándor Gymnasium. We gave away a pair of shoes to each child in Ruseni, whom in return showed us what they have learnt under Éva Deák’s guidance since our last visit. [......] →
01-06-16 8:20
With the help of our volunteers we made a real surprise for the children of the local Romani school on June 1st. [......] →
31-05-16 9:29
Along with reaching out to the less fortunate, it is also important for us to ensure that the younger generation can evolve and learn through modern means of education, to become familiar with modern technology once their studies are finished. [......] →
22-04-16 8:16
With the occasion of Earth Day on April 22nd, in collaboration with Csipkerózsika kindergarten, the “Green Bike Road” took place, where children aged between 3-6 years rode their bikes on a short distance. [......] →
10-04-16 11:58
Every year we try to help the elderly as much as the young generation of our local communities. [......] →
24-03-16 11:35
The children of Saint Catherine Children’s Home took part in a fun-filled workshop where they were given a free hand to express their creativity in painting and decorating their very own Easter eggs. [......] →